I teach primarily in practical philosophy. My teaching portfolio covers a wide array of different themes, ranging from ethics and metaethics, to political philosophy and modern political theory, to game theory and the philosophy of the social sciences.

In 2018 I won the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s Teaching Award for excellence in teaching.

Ethics, Applied Ethics and Metaethics

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Introduction to Practical Philosophy | Realism and Irrealism in Ethics | Truth in Ethics | Current Research Topics in Practical Philosophy | Why Human Rights? | Applied Ethics | Bioethics | Corporate Agency and Corporate Responsibility | Supervisions in Ethics

Political Philosophy

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Introduction to Political Philosophy | Science, Norms & Values | Freedom and Democracy | PRISM and the Boundaries of the State | Normative Theories of Democracy | Freedom, Equality and Democracy | Modern Political Theory | J.S. Mill’s On Liberty | H.L.A. Hart’s The Concept of Law | Supervisions in Political Philosophy

Rationality, Game Theory and Philosophy of the Social Sciences

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Introduction to the Philosophy of Science | Philosophy of the Social Sciences | Rationality in the Social Sciences | Introduction to Game Theory | Supervisions in the Philosophy of Science